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>> now we have a couple of for cards i'm not sure this is from a particular item. did dennis did you want to speak on the general public comment >> i'm a member of apr i community and a long time resident of the point. i worked in the shipyard i'm a certified wield and when we worked in the shipyard, you know, this is like a good employment for the neighborhood so they employed some residents we worked in the shipyard but we were exposed. when we worked in the shipyard
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i'd wear my work boats so not to track stuff home but me myself i'm a cancer victim i've got this from the shipyard. i will on cashmere and up there they're doing the construction and i'm like they do have the water or monitor so we're being exposed. being from hunter point we also know when we have 23u7d they take it away. i'm kind of mad because hunters point with a black ice it's been quote/unquote i think because of raichl and people have been neglecting you tell us we've
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been exposed. i'm glad this viral commission is here you guys can do your job. i refuted to work in the shipyard myself because you know they haven't cleaned it up and i know what we did in the shipyard and what we do in the water. you can have fish like we use to fish and now none of that exists no more if i fish urging to the contaminated. to modifying i worried about about the kids. i'm a cannery if they survive okay we've been exposed a lot of us are survivors.
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and we're still here. we have a message message to the told and you guys need to listen and our supervisors we're mad with them they're not stepping up we need representation out here it's role role sad everyone has recommendation we have none we're tired of that we're tired of that, you know. and espanol i love her dealer i need to listen to her, she has something to say (clapping.) thank you. we have two more speaker cards
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>> thank you. i'm dennis hughes i'm with the mothers committee of environmental justice. i stay at 20th century 441 mid point that is right across the street from the construction work. actually, the construction is across where i'm at. since they've been doing this i have sores in my nose and any daughter is coughing my daughters eczema has been irritated. we need our help their killing us up there. thank you
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>> and finally, ms. williams. - oh, you did. okay. you can come on up i'll sort out the cards if you don't have a card come on up >> i'm with the mothers committee important environmental justice. i live across the street from the construction site. they've been demolition and digging there are no hoses and sprinkles or monitor. their killing us up there and i notify you to come spend one night up there and i guarantee you'll go home with a rash or something. we need jon stewart company to
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stop their killing us. please, please stay one hour and you will leave there with a terrible cough or rash or something so, please help us >> (clapping) >> thank you. i'm karen. and i'm president of the holly courts council i'm glad to see you here. i'm ceo of the san francisco residents union. i want to speak to you on holly courts we're asking the heirs authority to install solar panels some pay penciling and some don't and those that are they're getting in trouble of trying to pay the rent or
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penciling. we're really in support of luminal the company we like their hiring practices to install those solar pages. we want that continued and your listening to i'm glad testy is here it's environmental rauchl andes possible jackson has been talking about this for century. this needs to be addressed. you need to send some people from the health department up to hunters view their building karaoke boxes their lots of their notes housing soon they kill off the people they're to rent or sell them to another person. and we know what's down the
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road. this city and housing authority needs a state and federal compliance officer to be able to go on the sites where the construction is being done and make sure the construction is right and the resident are protected that local hiring and that's something we don't have a compliance office state certified. also, we want to talk about the hardships that tenant in public housing are having. as you know there's a new situation called rad it's dealing with residents and the reenvisioning. thank you you want to come up here and talk. it's role getting rid of low income resident and that's something that we really need to
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look into you need to be more connected with other agencies in the city because you do take care of people and we're people. thank you >> (clapping) and a sorry if i don't have your card but please. >> yes hi, i'm ms. chan letter and please forgive me i'm not political correct i've been a community activist for thirty years i can go on and on i've been living here for 10 years. i'm really, really discouraged. we've been band i didn't understand why you're talking
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about those issues but we're familiar with did you substantial plant that's breathing toxins and it's a stench in this community for years and now our supervisor walked out to show you is role a joke. didn't even stay until the end changed f the industrial zoning when it was illegal to have any type of magnet e health clinic but a doctor went to her and requested a new rezoning for children in a very toxic environment. but remember they came and spoke to say they didn't have their children in the area it was just an administration building they
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couldn't drink water and find out when it rained the whole this was contaminated and this is the grand opening at the 2450 third street is the one stop for young children is going going to be down the street from the sewage plant to have the broken digester. many of the owners in this property senior citizen have already acknowledged children shouldn't be in the area. your about to murder our children that were the digester has been acknowledged it's broken. if this was in any other neighborhood it wouldn't have been loud. we're asking you for help i'm about it's now time for action to the point that everyone who was invite and if you're the
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environmental commission that shouldn't have been took place. i'm about an eye for a eye and tooth for a tooth. i'm sure you wouldn't want your children to be put in this facility. we need to find out our addresses and names and give you a feeling of what this is outlining all about. we've been pleading but those days are over. we're human beings and have our rights and our rights have been individualized. everything needs to be shut down. i'm not politically correct we already have a government shut down so politics don't work. if it hadn't have been for other
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nationalities moving into the district you wouldn't be here. they're putting more pressure on the city they can't believe this. when we were asking for help we wrr7b9 heard. i wanted to speak and i made up my mind i'm not interested in any more community anchors you u but i will take a stand this needs to be organized to make sure that place it shut do you think that's all i have to say. thank you >> (clapping) >> any other members of the public want to speak on public comment. seeing none, public comment is closed. and just before we go to the next item. thanks everyone for the
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commentary we're looking forward digesting this. other folks can engage and i think there's a lot of things that we're hear to learn about. our mayor wants to engage a traditionally kind of traditionally initiative and create some jobs and supervisor cowen wants to see that. we're going to work through the agenda and talk about future agenda items so folks can a stay. any other thoughts of from the commissioners before we go on >> commissioner king. >> yeah. there's a lot of things you, you know, i've on,
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on this commission it's not the health department or the epa or planning it's a different codify animal. and i hope when we get done today you also amongst the things and i'm writing those down, of course, they should be watering and a taking better precautions but there's other things out of the per view of the department but those your fume with the environment commission the process by which you change zoning and run through this department and yet we're figuring out this because we need to be engaging people directly because no one comes to
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those meetings down in city hall. we could have went to the avenues first and china it up. me and josh said we're coming to bayview first and this decision was made months ago. raise our hand if you've seen the department of environment commission on teleconference don't be ashamed. that's also a part of trying to make it easier for people with families, people that work hard that can't come down through to be able to at least watch. we start our meetings now with the presentation of some of the things we're doing here in the department of environment commission. i want to name a couple of
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things we have to figure out how to deal with in the jurisdiction we're given. i want to say a few other things we do. when your kids go to the park and those gardener's can't use the pesticides that's our department jury room. we're collecting oil you know from restaurants and things of f that nature to tear up the sewage systems that's the environment commission. when we went to 9 bayview and subsidized and to weather strip our homes to make sure it was weather proofed this was the environment commission. to go solar program made the
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process through the puc but that's the environment commission. when you pay a $0.10 bag feces fee that's us as well but if you've ever gone to the city dumb you'll understand why those plastic bags had to go. there are a number of things to figure out what our proper role is and whether we can pass a resolution does that mean the board of supervisors or the planning department has the ultimate jurisdiction over some of those items did it mean we're not involved. how do we address those issues. it's important to check out the things we're doing. we have all kinds of projects
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like in our neighborhood association we fund those codifies things. you should check out our website. i mean how many of you all have a big can of greases happening over our stove like bacon greases. i can't cook with egresses but you can go on the department of environment commission and find out. most of the people in this world are not knowledge no cities. we've got to figure out a way to better use our resources and get rid of our junk. we're trying to figure out how we viably live better crowding
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an areas and getting rid of our junk. policies that's what is important too. there's little things that are important. every time you pick up a soapy have to say this we learn the stuff do you know that out back material soap has a cancer in it. you shouldn't buy that stuff. people go to resident soeshgsdz and tell people that. this department is diagnose fantastic work and along with the things i'm asking you to check out what we're doing and ask you to get involved thank you
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>> to be slightly more direct then our commissioner king depart from the fact we want to be here in the heart and soul of the justice movement it was dr. espanol saying i ought to get your butts to the meeting. >> now the campaign sponsoring our director and convolution and policy director and now programs this is an informational presentation and discussion. >> so commissioners i first want to thank commissioner king for describing the work we have going on in the department and how to impacts the community members.
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the presentation that we're going to have now from rodriguez is talking about the environment now program that's a jobs training program. we want to thank you you what that program is and also hear from one of the participant in the environment now program. >> all right. dper month appreciate it. >> now you're selling this project so get excited. >> thank you all thank you for the opportunity. you're going to see the next agenda item is work we've been doing listening to you wanted to be in the community and be engaged but more than having staff speak to you titus this presentation is a partnership that we have with our key partners in the community.
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so the next agenda items you'll see staff but with the community partners that were it's not just our staff that does the work we do it collective whether he our partners in the community. i want to acknowledging you know are talking about important things in the community when certain folks show up and i want to say my thanks for dr. east package jackson and certainly represents an important group of stakeholders, james bryant but i want to acknowledging jackie flint the executive director of the randolph institute our staff did a lot of outreach but having the staff and resident here adds to her leadership at the ap i for really going door to door
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and bring people here. i wanted to give my hangz i thanks to jackie back there and the apr i team who made accident residents come out. that partnership that is important. we plan to work with ap i going forward and i want to acknowledging that (clapping) and i think commissioner king did an excellent job in expressing what this department did. this next presentation is an example of the type of individual that work at the department. those amazing leaders who are engaged in san francisco and are doing, you know, amazing leadership.
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keith is one of the folks who have helped with the department. outreach is handing you a piece of but keith changed hearts and minds and its people like them i him that have the ability to make things happen. i want to give you his attention and so, please join me in welcoming keith >> thank you for a that great introduction intermonth good evening. i'm keith. i'm honored to be here representing a great program.
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environment now is a green careers training program with that gives skills development in hard and soft skilled area like microsoft extol and word and office software programs swallows resume and interview training and all while providing pathways into the economy. as you can see from this photo it's representative of the city many diverse cultures and backgrounds. a little bit about myself i grew up in district 10 and been a resident my whole life and grew up going to 345rg9d king pool.
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that's the first thing we saw and on your right this is the opera house. those are some of the schools i've attend the elementary school the valley middle school and burton academic high school all within the district. after graduating high school i wanted to be a productive men of the community a cousin of mine gave me information about 9 neighborhood design which is 14 week carpentership program we focused on materials conservatism as well as energy efficiency.
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it was here that i found out about the green economy through the curriculum which some of you may not have heard of it was developed in part by john's who was a key advisors to obama on the green economy. from that program i was introduced to environment now this is a great picture of us doing outreach. we're the field for the streets. we do all the grassroots outreach going door to door, develop great ways of communicating to the community about the different environmental topics we face. as you see us talking to a resident about how to divert his
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ways and use the w0r7bd program that we offer. as you can see here during 9 bayview caption we developed a bus shelter adds i was on the brainstorming committee along with other we actually come up with slogans that speak to the bayview community. we developed them in multiple languages. as you can see here i was an international part of this message but we have great members of our team who translate and make this known to all cultures. this is a picture of the bayview pointed foundation who were helpful in diverting the ways.
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we were at a street in the bayview this is where our folks are doing great work in the community. last but not least this is at the opera house. as you see one of our associates doing a recycling game with one of the community members. but just plugging into the event and also doing outreach is not just enough. one of the best ways to create behavior change is to speak to someone about their issues we have an associate who is doing an early morning waste assessment he's out there before 4:00 a.m. and in order to

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